New Year’s Eve News Flash

A select group of hashers gathered on New Year’s Eve at Helena Valley Rd. to draw a line through 2017. The Hare, Teflon Toddler, was apparently enjoying an afternoon nap which required Dripper to sail forth and set a trail with the help Skimpy. No sure what help he was as later on during the run he had no idea where the trail went. We were obliged to follow white micro-dots of flour placed on white sand through the bushland of Cedar Woods new property development. As you can imagine it was slow going! All made it back safe and sound and thirsty for some New Year’s Eve refreshments. We welcomed a new family of runners and walkers Andy & Oliver, Nerrida & Saffron from Parkerville and hope they will return soon. There was a welcome back for Biggus Dickus and Hawkeye from Pattaya. Rock Bottom & Crusher were charged for drinking their own champagne instead of hash piss. A fitting end to year 2017 and hopefully everyone’s New Year resolution is to run more Hills Hash Runs and set more vigorous trails.

On On  P. Merah

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