The Run That Launched A Thousand Slips !

Well, young Skippy did splendid job setting this run. As it was in Darlington, we knew there were no hills or GRAVEL ! True to form, he set the runners off on a merry dance with the AMAZING incentive of not one but TWO drink stops ! – Not so lucky for the walkers – only one !
An early bit of advice (from the Hare) helped the blind lead the lame on a shortish-cut ( of all of 5 minutes … well I ask you … ?) Slipping and sliding was still the order of the day … mostly down hill for ages. We heard the horn a bit here and there (mostly way over there) and eventually arrived at drink stop number 1 with MAGNIFICENT views.  We really needed the refreshments as it was a hot day. Revived and refreshed, we sped on to the finish but where there is a downward spiral … there is an upward trudge … and trudge it was … up, up, and away ! The trail was soooo narrow on occasion, you’d think it was a roo trail !
Back at the start, we waited a while for the runners  (apparently, the second drink stop was worth it …. !) So,  the circle was called and all parties who had short-cutted, fallen over, skidded and slipped were duly fined. The Hare won accolades for a good run (Doh…  !) & Pink Bits was awarded a foot for 400 runs (really … get a life !) another great Hills Hash Run bites the dust …..
On – On
Pink Bits x x x
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