Hills Hashers Cause A Stir In The Neighbourhood ……. !

As we had the usual Valentine’s Day (linger longer ….)  lingerie run, the brave Hare GPS, had a great venue with maximum exposure (Ha ! Ha !) for the world to see the madness we get up to on these runs.
It was a very well marked run/ walk !
Mostly a good walk – there and back but … (as in Fawlty Towers) – done in two very different ways ! …. DOWN the road on one side and UP the road on the other side ! Ingenious of the Hare to think of that … ?
Of course there was a delectable drink stop with all the trappings of cocktail potential and pink beer … Yes … * PINK*  beer cos it was a Valentine’s Day moment …
To be honest the boys went all out to be GORGEOUS and of course caused quite a stir on the trail, … some passersby having to take a second look and some having to truly support the boys in frocks (so to speak) I am nearly in tears thinking how we may have helped some guys to just be themselves …. but digressing …
The whole pack got back in tact !! (Har … Har) and we had a great circle ending with a prize for best dressed Harriette and Harrier ! Those see-through flares were just amazing and the sexy looking gals were super …. Well done …
On – On
Pink Bits x x x
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