Confucius say …. “It Is Better To Run On Trail, Not In Circles”

It was a very good turn out for the run set by Crusher and Nick (who was named on this run) They set a wondrous trail in the thieve-dom  of Kalamunda. The trail was well marked and runners & walkers had separate sections which was confusing as …. walkers witnessed some runners going round in circles ! Intriguing to also see a member of the public pop up in front while going in the opposite direction.  I swear there were some ‘black holes’ or such on this run. It was really nice though with plenty of bush and fairly flat (for a change …)
As there was a drink stop, everyone was eager to get there and so we did (mostly …?) Some Hashers were still circling ….!?
Back in the circle, we had down-downs for visitors, long time no-see’s, the many *circlers*. and Spitfire’s shoes were welcomed into the fold. Man, that girl can drink a good shoe ! (Psst Don’t tell her mum) There was a blood-rule moment for Dripper who had lost about 1 litre of the stuff while attempting a slalom-style descent on gravel !
Possibly the highlight was the naming of Nick … he is now known as *Self Naming Bastard* Fairly evident why …Ha Ha !
The evening ended with super nosh – thanks Rock Bottom Great job…
but sadly the orange foot on the road was STOLEN (it is the crime capital of the Hills ….!) unless someone has it ! GIVE IT BACK !
Pink Bits  x x x
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