Oh ! Susannah Don’t You Cry For Me ……

Magic warm afternoon saw a great turnout for the run on Sunday. As GM and RA were missing,  in charge of bicycles, Skippy stepped in as both GM and RA (which was sensible !) The Hare, PM,  was keen to set a short run with a long drink stop – OR – a long run with a short drink stop ??? .Hmmm … … in view of the time it took the walkers to get back (albeit the wrong way !) it was a long run ! We went through some lovely bush winding our way around a couple of lakes with a drink stop on the bank of one ! Lovely ….and not too many hills on the way. It was one of PM’s more picturesque and restrained runs and much appreciated by most Hashers.
The circle (eventually ….. !) was about 1 hour and 20 minutes after the start so it really was a L O N G run alright. (there was a bit of car ferrying etc. but we wont mention it )
The Hare was given a down-down for a slight lack of trail marking and confusing people. Otherwise the charges were far and few between ! Note needs to be taken of a new item found on trail of a SKUNK that will be awarded to … well …any skunk in the pack ! Interesting ….!
Incidentally, I forgot to mention that last week, Hoover collected (or picked up) a disgusting piece of roo (?) backbone about 30 cm long, greenish and proceeded to chew and munch on it…. delightful…. or it must have been as he wouldn’t let it go (no-one was too keen to get it off him though !)
Till next week
On – On
Pink Bits x
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