DOSH & WACUDA Deliver …….

In true form, the run and walk were quite a challenge with the chosen terrain and warm weather ! We gathered in a quiet cul-de-sac on what we found later to be on a precipice. There were a few virgin participants (visitors) and, disturbingly, regular appearances by the El Keeno tribe. !!! YAY …! We were informed by the Hares that the drink stop was only for the runners …Hmm…. is that fair ? (Charge them !)

Starting off on the run/walk there was a very pleasant track through very pleasant bush that began to narrow to the point of barely there ! Gingerly placing one foot in front of the other, the walkers descended into the abyss (or so it seemed ….) The perambulator brigade were having to find alternative options doing bog laps ! Of course, Teflon Kid was not in the least perturbed ….

After what seemed like a very long time, the walkers arrived back just minutes before the runners, who were quite red and puffed (except Skippy !) stating they had concerns that GPS was still a few kilometres away ….  He was but we kept having refreshments, thinking how to go look for him, which we didn’t ! (As he arrived just as the circle was called ….. )

Of course there is some difficulty charging the GM and RA …. However, this did not stop us and various charges were bestowed despite it being voted as a great run with wonderful lookouts ! …  GPS ended up with the *Skunk of Shame* as well as the bucket …Well deserved ! Other charges were quickly disposed of and so the circle ended.

Next week …..WEAR GREEN !

On – On

P B xxx

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