Turtles, Art & Train-Lines …..

It was a bit of an unusual venue this week as it was in Midland which is a townie type place without bush, hills or water BUT it was a surprisingly interesting run. The Hares, Pink Bits & Dripper had checked this area out and deemed it good ! We gathered in a car park and wandered over to a hidden park that had railway history and heritage. Absolutely amazingly well constructed seating resembling cabooses/train carriages with train tracks left as indication of the industrial activity in the area in the early 1900’s up to as late as the 1980’s.
Walkers and runners set off in opposite directions but soon criss-crossed on trail. The trail took in the Coal Dam park with a boardwalk circling the dam. Here we had a surprise spying a big mob of long neck turtles in the dam (great to see) as well as a fly past of aeronautic expertise by a mob of ducks (specially commissioned by Pink Bits !) Further on our trail we inspected the huge new development of impressive housing in the area. Absolutely a million miles removed from Midland so it seemed !
There was a lot of signs explaining the different areas in the Railway Workshops so good info for history buffs !
Once we got back and moved cars … (you had to be there …) as the GM was off having a trip visiting his off-shore accountant & Vice was starting his new career as kitchen fitter, yours truly tried to step in but to no avail ….lost all control quite quickly. Thank goodness that RA was in control. She fined those not wearing GREEN in the spirit of St Patrick’s Day …… Although the run/walk were deemed very good (run REALLY REALLY long) the Hares were also charged and … BLISS … to be sure …twas that dark liquid we love …
A few charges later, the circle endeth as the NOSH arrived (eventually after a few bog laps )…. Beef & Guinness stew with mash … yummy ! Thanks go to Red Dwarf as per usual …. !
After most Hashers left, we were enchanted by the blue light show running under the rail tracks … magical !
On – On
Pink Bits


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