Keen El Keeno’s Kaper !

Magnificent drizzly weather was the setting for the Hare’s run this week. We had a decent turnout and the instructions were clear as mud (for some !) Runners and walkers set off in the same direction but never seen …. together … only a horny sound now and then !
The walk started off well with good trail marked in flour W’s. Of course, as it was in GreenMOUNT … we expected a hill or two and were not disappointed. It was up n’down all the way but relatively gentle terrain. It was a longish walk and after the designated 1 hour the stragglers returned. Runners were back already scoffing the snacks on offer (greedy guts …) so circle was called and the visitor (Chicken man …. ?) was welcomed. Down-downs were far and few as the RA was not aware of any serious miscreants (other than phones in the circle !) but it seems that Dripper will have his name emblazoned on the Lame Duck hat as he scores it regularly. As the drizzle continued we packed up the pack, on instruction from the Hare, quick smart and some of us (crazy …. ) went to the outdoor cinema to sit through the drizzle and watch a movie ….
(Hm …. has me thinking it was a clever ploy by the RA to inflict unusual pain on some unsuspecting Hashers. ?)
On – On

Pink Bits x x x

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