Skippy’s Skippyfull Skillfull Skirmish !

In view of it being Easter Sunday, most Hashers¬†donned their bunny ears to celebrate the day. Those who didn’t, had many options from Leapfrogs bargain bag ! (Best bring your own …)¬† We had the obligatory *photo-shoot* and once satisfying Leapfrog we got our run instructions.
Young Skippy informed us that he had set a great shortish trail (minus drink stop, which was to be held back at the circle …)
We all headed off in the same direction, runners jumped off like the wind, walkers hopped a little more sedately …
We crossed over into some most pleasant bushland that was just great to walk in … It was fairly flat and the day had been gorgeous. No real dramas to report on trail, just great !
Back in the circle we complemented ourselves on not having lost anyone, no bloodletting and managing to see some roos as a bonus.
The RA was quick with her sharp tongue to inflict lashings to the talkers (of which there were many …) but, due to the tasty down-downs provided by Mr Bailey we were not surprised ! It was a real treat ….
After the circle, we had a BBQ and socialised as the sun went down.
REMEMBER *** 4PM *** starts from now on …
Next week NO DOGS as we will be in National Park.
Pink Bits x x x
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