PM’s Poll Much Better Than PM’s Poll !

My goodness, after 30 bad results, (PM of OZ, I mean) he was totally out done by our very own PM. The general consensus was that albeit a long run of over 7 km’s the run was excellent. As was the walk, with a few ups and downs but nothing too drastic … as is usual … !
Gosh, such good comments had me wishing I had gone for the normal walk instead of the Leapfrog doggie trail (due to Nat. Park)
Still, as the first 4 pm start for the year, amazingly no-one forgot, we had a good turnout and no losses. We are on a roll !
The circle was short and sweet with a birthday celebration (Spitfire … 🙂 but no cake … 🙁
Otherwise …
Pink Bits x
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