Total Disappointment But Not That Bad !

Well, the Hills Hash House Harriers were really disappointed as there was no rain (as is usual …) on the Canning Vale run !
However, we had a lovely turn out which included a few Freo friends and other hangers-on ! We were really happy with the weather as it was glorious !
We were not so happy with the run instructions though … there were various chalk-talk descriptions that were vague or  … really vague but nevertheless, we were instructed to watch out for    ->   or    W    or other stuff and sent on our way ! Remember, this is Canning Vale and not many Hills folk had EVER seen the terrain without rain ! It is also FLAT, so flat that we were in awe of the ease of the run. !
Runners were gone for a long time … walkers not so bad … still it was good !
Back in the circle, with no losses, we had to have a stand-in RA, (again !) & young Skippy managed to don the brown garb and perform his duty ! (horn n’all)  No many real down-downs but a single VIRGIN (Immobilise Her … from Freo) and a few visitors and LONG-TIME NO-SEES ! Oh ! and a Burpday Cellerbration for Lady GaGa !  X
After the formalities, we had a smashing meal of chilli stuff that was delish ! Thanks …. Yummy … Yummy !
Pink Bits x x x
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