The Long & The Short & The Bandicoot !

Hills Hash gathered on the flats of South Guildford on a particularly hot 30+ degree day. There were promises of ‘no hills, water, flour and watch out for low flying aircraft’ and, due to circumstances beyond their control, the Hares were not having a drink stop midway !
Runners and walkers were sent in the same direction, runners quickly losing their way (although clearly marked …) at the start. It was evident from the beginning that this was not a street run as we emerged into some lovely bushland/parkland along the Helena river.
 Walkers had one ‘mini’ hill and a moment to ponder what exactly Ewing VDM meant on a sign. (Very Disorganised Man …. Leapfrog thought ! …) the walk was quite short (thankfully as it was hot)
Runners had to contend with some streets and railway crossings … but made it back alright, even though it was a good 7.5 km run.
Once we were all back, the Hares surprised everyone with some rather nice creamy drinks as ‘drink stop’ along with chips and lollies. The younger Hashers were amused for some time by the appearance of a bandicoot (the Hares had arranged Horace the Bandicoot to perform some cute and cuddly moves ….)
In the circle, run by Vice GM and stand-in RA,(groan)  we had 2 …YES 2 VIRGINS who were initiated to Hash goings on and may even come again !
Otherwise, the Hares were charged and there were a few ridiculous other charges from the floor. We had fun and as the sun set on our Common, we ventured into the darkness and a pub dinner.(As the Dockers lost there was misery among some patrons and mirth and silliness from the Eagles lot)
On – On
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