…. And The Run Goes On & On & On…..

The rain kept off and we had a good turnout for the run. We slithered into Skimpy and Free Beer’s property hoping not to get bogged or slip into the dam.
The Hare gave vague instructions (what would you expect  >>>?) and sent us on our way through the ups and downs of this flat area !
From what I could see as well as later hear, there was total confusion among the runners and we all looked liked ants milling about all over the place. Walkers were led astray by the Hare’s offsider (not actually a Hasher ….who assisted in setting a run ….I mean …..I ask you … !!!) and we all kind of … just went round in circles. However, HOORAH ! … we actually found the promised drink stop with a safety port and quizzical looks !
Back in the circle, the true massive length of the run was hot gossip ….  Yes fellow Hashers …. we probably went about 3.5 km in all …just over and over and over ! (sort of …)
So, the GM welcomed yet another ‘VIRGIN’ into the fold. (Good to see so many coming out …!) and there were charges for the Hare (you think … ?) as well as others. Can’t think of the others …. sorry…  but the Hare was charged numerous times. A significant moment was a naming –  of young “Snake Charmer” who will truly appreciate his name as he gets older !
We then had some cake to celebrate Down-Hills b’day (in January …. we keep up to date !) and Free Beer said there were lots of tarts in the back of the van ! All male Hashers rushed over ….. (sweet tooth ….what were you thinking ?)
The BBQ had been on for ages so a select few cooked some stuff and settled down to re-hash (oh I’m good !) the days event ! We kept the home fire burning too !!! It was hot …..
On – On
Pink Bits xxx
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