Back To Skool ….!

So it came to pass that the Hills HHH met up at school on Mothers Day. There were no pinny’s to be seen, nor scones and cups of tea but there was a bunch of raring-to-go Hashers. The weather was very mild and pleasant (again … yawn … where is the rain ?) & we were regaled by El Keeno’s wit and wisdom about the run. Runners and walkers had separately and well marked trail that crossed every now and then. The biggest challenge was a steep gully with a fallen tree (“it just fell” said the Hare … ?) and an equally steep ascent. Walkers went through it carefully but the (younger) runners took it in their stride -as in a hop skip(py) & jump !
We all returned safely (always good…) and found a substantial snack station at which we re-fuelled!  Once the circle was called, the Hare had a few down-downs as did the show-off (I can leap buildings …) and a few other trivial charges…..The run was voted good by everyone so that made for a happy El K.
As the sun started to set, we wandered off home or to curry favour elsewhere.
Pink Bits x
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