Dodging Traffic & Star Gazing …….

Sunny autumn days has Hashers venturing out to remote and distant lands. This promised to be a short run/walk and virtually flat ! Guess what, …?   It was ….. The joint Hares had devised a great traverse across roads (bad) and low bush land (good) that had us following random trail across vast vistas (lucky to find the trail sometimes …) Runners and walkers were on the same track for quite a while (saved on flour …) and then walkers veered off (I believe …) to later come across the walkers at the On Home. Of course, there was another dash across 6 lanes of fast moving traffic (no collisions !) and back to the start.
Circle called, we welcomed back the long-time-no-sees with a down-downs and a few charges were administered to the Hares plus sundry others !
As it was Hash Nosh, Red Dwarf arrived with another winter warmer of chilli to die for … some nearly did due to adding hotter pixoflexles to their repast !
As the sun set and the slight darkness moved in, we found an excellent viewing spot for viewing stars and consternation’s …. Ah …! … the wonders of the sky !
Pink Bits xxx
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