Grey Sky Grooving …..

Well, you missed a great run ….. Believe it or not, it did not rain till the end ! (Thank you RA at the footy !)
The usual boutique group of stalwart Hashers gathered at the chosen venue and the valiant Hare had decided to not only mark 3 trails (brave)  but had a designated drink stop as well ! ! !
We set off in a few directions and the very well marked trails had us joining up at the DS. Well, a few walkers, being a bit deviant, decided to hide the refreshments in the bushes and wait with great mirth and amusement as the runners and fast walkers milled about, like ants, looking everywhere. Of course, we thought that SOPHIE the GIANT SAUSAGE DOG may give the game away by looking for the pack and barking ….. however, we were sprung by the Hashers sniffing out a good drink spot !
It was fun though …..
The On-Home was not far away so we sprinted off, some slowly, back to the snacks and nibbles on hand. In the circle, (with stand-in GM & RA) which started well, we were soon speeding through the proceedings as the heavens opened up (was that the gods crying over the Dockers game ?) and decided that there was no time for anything else. A few Hashers were very fearful of getting wet so sat in their cars …… WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE ! YOU WILL BE PUNISHED !
Pink Bits xxx
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