The Banyowla Big Bush Bash ….. or …. Marathon Run

What started off as a long way from home .. (Hills Hash do not stray far …) found a goodly pack of eager Hashers congregating at the gates of a lovely reserve. This totally surprised the Hares and therefore, caused some consternation as the ” not so substantial” drink stop supplies may be lacking !? …
We were given a few options for run and walks so each to their own, we set off into the rugged terrain (or not…)
After many gruelling hours, (or so it felt …) the slower, safer walkers arrived at the drink stop after about 45 minutes. MAGIC destination, gorgeous views and sunset about to happen but …. no other members of the pack ? There were a few random humans who were just taking photos of all aspects of the quarry so we sat about for a while, wondering if there was another quarry (with pool …) We searched and searched for any refreshments but to no avail, Just as we were about to give up, a few intrepid, parched runners arrived with Hare in tow (who unearthed the secret stash of refreshments …) and eventually, as most of the pack arrived, there was indeed enough to go around. The dogs entertained us with their version of synchronised swimming and we headed back to the start.
Let me just mention that this was indeed a MARATHON run as it was well and truly close to 1 & 3/4 hours …… before we got back.
After much needed munchies, we had a slightly accelerated circle as the clouds were ominous and the light had all but gone !
It was voted as a great run, well marked (with enough flour to feed a small country) so no one could get lost and quite a novel spot for most of the pack. In fact (hold on to your hats ….! ! ! )  the sage old Passiona was heard to say that it was the most difficult run he had EVER been on ! That’s saying something isn’t it ?
On-On, if we make it to the next run …,
Pink Bits x
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