The Pirate Run (with Botanical Overtones)

Ahoy me Hearties ! Capt. P M  did a good job of making us walk the plank (numerous times !)
Hashers gathered at the appointed footy oval in the relatively flat lands of Maida Vale. I now understand the comments from P M that there were some “obstacles” to overcome on the run.
How right he was … Runners and walkers were directed on the same trail for much of the journey. The trail was very well marked and from the flats it went somewhat up and up with plenty of gravel. As all things that go up, so they must come down ! Down and down … so to the planks … at least 3 (Did the Hare carry them and plonk them down himself ?) It almost seemed like we were going round in circles, crossing and re-crossing a waterway … There were no bodies in the water so the assumption was that the runners had traversed with dry feet, we heard the horn a few times so maybe they were warning honks ! The runners had a bit more hills and bush to play in, and they seemed to surround us at times.
The fast walkers and runners had to wait for a few slower walkers who had some botanical adventures on the way back. It had been another long run !
In the circle (round the bonfire …) we had the Vice-GM welcome us back as well as introductions from 2 new runners. The “mystery” R A set to work and the Hare was charged for his great run (planks and all …) as well as other miscreants. We soon ran out of down-downs so had to wind up the night.
Pink Bits x
REMINDER – As the nights draw in, could Hares  be mindful of keeping the runs to 50-60 minutes (just in case we lose someone and have to search by torchlight !)
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