Priscilla Queen of the Desert …or … Frocks on Rocks !

This week, Hills Hash had a spectacular Hash-Away in the warm and sunny Nor’west ! We had a couple of visiting Hashers join us ! The theme was as above so, needless to say, there was a great deal of dress-up. We were fortunate to have semi-professional make-up artists (daughter and friend of hosts) who assisted in *glamming* us all up and did a fab job.
The Hares – Tickhead and Wacuda  – The terrain – up a dirty big hill the hard way through the famous Pilbara banded ironstone on rocky trails that were not for the faint-hearted. Lets say where there was a significant up, there was a significant down, as one of the visitor Hashers found out to her peril ! The climax and 1/2 way point, was to be on top of the rock to toast the sunset !!!  Lovely !
Runners had a tough time of it. The Hares made an unfortunate decision to run in DRAG through a North-west mining town that caused some consternation among the blokes ! They were back within the appointed time (unscathed !)  but, the walk was much longer than expected so we had a very quick photo shoot, sunset admire and then had to descend to the bottom (the quick way) before it got dark. (Some got a lift – Ha Ha !)
The circle was convened at the hosts home with great gusto and some robust charges were administered in the form of the marshmallow and Mr Bailey ! There was a bit of whingeing about inadequate flour marking trail, so the run must have been good. We continued celebrations late into the night.
There will be more stories and photographic evidence of the event for the rest of the Hills Hash shortly.
Huge thanks to Pick Up Chick, Tickhead and Family for their hospitality, friendship and fun time ! Also, for showing us the sights in the area. Was a really great experience.
On- On
Pink Bits xxx
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