The Run That Was 2 Weeks Ago & The Last One As Well ….. !

1.   Great run .. bit wet and some person without a parent had MOVED some of the trail so some confusion ensued. However, am assured the, when found, drink stop was FABULOUS and many, many drinks were consumed for absentees.
Of course there was the famous *lets keep together* group ! Leapfrog, GPS, et al who should all know better & not get lost together ..,. Still, as they were found, it was like the rescue of the guys in the Thai caves …. such cheers and backslapping ! (The movie comes out shortly !) A warm fire was FOUND as well to huddle the circle around … great find ! Not many charges and rain imminent so here endeth the circle !
2. Another great run and also a fabulous birthday event (Oh … not that fabulous really … ) Well, the weather was likely to be AWFUL … so the Hare’s Leapfrog & Passiona kept things to a minimum. Despite the inclement predictions, we had a relatively dry run and very well marked walk at least ! Once back, runners were not far behind (or was that in front ?) In the circle, charges were far and few as the RA was so tired from watching the losing Dockers. Oh … I actually meant SUPPORTING the losing Dockers !
There was a POT-LUCK dinner afterwards around the smokey fire & a slide show of the Karratha goings on !
(& a secret showing of Red Dog – True Blue ……. WOOOF !)
On – On
Pink Bits x
Please bring back your trophy’s from last year ASAP.
Also, see Pink Bits to register for this years AGPU … It will be the usual EXTRAVAGANZA !
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