The ” YES, There Is A Drink Stop ” Run …..

On a very pleasant, slightly sunny afternoon, the pack gathered at the designated spot. It was quite a good turnout with a few returnees and long time no see’s
The joint Hares, Pink Bits & Dripper gave a quick chalk talk and set the pack off in the same direction, ….. with warnings of no hills, no water and A DRINK STOP !
The walk meandered through leafy tracks, was reasonably well marked and uneventful (always a good thing …!)
The run went off quite a long way but managed to keep the pack together. On the up-side, there was a quirky new firebreak that the Hares had discovered, so runners went into un-chartered territory. Eventually, converging on the drink stop (that they thought was a furphy) with the walkers well ensconced and having some refreshments. After a short social break, we hopped, skipped and jumped back to the start.
As the GM & RA were not present (OMG …!) we convened the circle with Deputy GM and a surprise RA in P. M.The usual charges were laid on the Hares, then the RA  opened the floor for charges from the pack. There were not many but there was a Birthday Down-Down for Up-Hill ! Woo Hoo !
We finished with some camaraderie and snacks and a curry to go to !
Pink Bits x
P.S. REMEMBER we need all trophies back as well as names for the AGPU on Aug 18th – See Pink Bits
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