Klever El Keeno’s Kaper

Great turn out on a smashing day ! Hare gave us some directions & warnings and we were off !
Runners and walkers were on the same trail till we got to W’s. All seemed good at the start but there was some consternation at the circles of W’s and confusion as to which way to go … but … there you go … never a problem in your own neighbourhood ! Can’t get lost …! ! !
Runners horn was heard often in the distance and then just close but not till the end did we join up to return to the circle.
Stand in GM and RA were summoned and, of course, El Keeno got his just rewards and had about 6 down-downs …  Despite no drink stop, it had actually been a good run for all and even short-legged walkers could cross over the fallen trees etc.
ON ON to the AGPU and a brand new committee (maybe …?)
P B xxx
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