Every Which Way …… ? (with 2 drink stops !)

This was a seriously beautiful day to have our first ever run in Whiteman Park that encompassed some lovely scenery and bushland.
OK … it was a bit flat (but so are Guildford runs  … ?) but it was very pleasant.
Hares Dripper & Pink Bits gave a few instructions (like to mind out for trains, trams, wayward Kubota’s, cattle, wildlife and water … lots of water !)
Runners and walkers set off in opposite directions … walkers were following blue poles (the Jackson Pollock walk ?) and runners went off in some random circling direction virtually covering a lot of the park. A few false trails fooled a few (Ha Ha) but not to confusing.
All the pack miraculously combined, at the same time, at the great LOOKOUT high up (just so we could say there was a climb …) overlooking the swamp with bird life. This was also the first drink stop with a tablecloth and fancy cocktail glasses ……
Then on to the bird hide just a few metres ahead for a *bird eye view* over the swamp (and strategically positioned ducks ….well done Pink Bits )
Here was drink stop 2 (without tablecloth or cocktail glasses ….)
We all got back within the hour so there were nibblies and a quick circle. As the RA was absent, the stand-in RA (Dripper) had to fine himself for the run which by all accounts was good. Otherwise a few charges were doled out and we departed the park well before the closing time.
Whiteman Park Wonderful……
Pink Bits  x
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