The Unimaginably Non-Confusing and Potentially Almost Run !

To start with, this was Skimpy’s run and he was only a Co-Hare as other valiant Hashers stepped in to *normalise* the trail.
We gathered just down the road from the abode of the Skipsters and soon found we were many. (not everyone gets nervous when Skimpy is Hare)
Instructions, (Oh Heavens above …) were actually from the trail setters so we had a decent idea of where we were going and what sort of trail to look for, as opposed the windmill arm actions of Skimpy !
Runners and walkers set off in opposite directions but into some delightful bush complete with wildflowers and BIG roos (one flashed across our walk and was almost chased by a few Hash dogs !) It was a great walk but, so I heard, not so fantastic a run … a bit of a shemozzle to be exact with false trails being false and checks being circles …..
Meanwhile we all met at the drink stop, which was a moving feast, stopping¬† like an ice-cream van … whenever you waved.
Most of the pack followed the runners back so there was a log crossing and some obstacles, but we all ended up back at the start with no losses.
Once the circle was called,¬† the charges were thick and fast for the Hares, moving on to Virgin Runner (welcome … both of you !) long time no-sees and returnees. It was a lot of work for the Monk who had to charge himself at one point as did Trainwreck, who was just missing out !
Great day followed by a beacon lit to alert low flying aircraft that could have almost melted the fuselage. Certainly warmed the cockles of the Hashers who stood too close.
P. B. x
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