Rain Stopped Play ….. !

Well, not exactly but it was a ferocious weather day and P M Had some significant challenges all day whilst (good old fashioned word … !) setting the run, Lets face it, when you go to the effort of setting a run and the rain wrecks your work,  it is a bit annoying. Still, with cheerful snigger, PM set the pack off in various directions, assuring all that it was a short run. Yeah ……. right ……. It is PM we are talking about !
Walkers went up a GENTLE slope, while runners JUST WENT UP A BIG BLOODY HILL ….. didn’t they Franger ? No drink stop and 40 minutes later we were all back (or so we thought ….. )
A message from the Safety Committee : PLEEZE contact someone (usually Pink Bits … self appointed Health and Safety Occifer) then we knows – you is safe an all that ! Taking photos of fab fluffy ferns is OK but  …. lets have a call to alert us of your quirks !
Needless to say, (but I will)  everyone was back in the normal 24 hours (!) and it was a great run, despite the hurdles.
Also, added bonus, was Light My Fire’s great Hash Nosh – Thai Green curry and Pink Bits version of Birthday cake (chocolates)
On – On
P B x
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