Ghosts, Ghouls & Witches ….. OOOOO !

So began the Halloween version of Hills Hash this year … set by Skippy from the local cemetery ! We were all assembled in ghoulish attire (some more than others !) and waited for instructions. Most of the pack had made an effort and were resplendent in stuff but, those who weren’t, had attire inflicted on them by Leapfrog or Pink Bits (who both, always, have surplus costumes)
Anyway, the Hare gave concise instructions that were not complete (as if ….. ) and sent us on our way. He did mention a drink stop so we were gung-ho !
The run and walk veered off from each other but not too far as runners heard the horn now and then¬† … There was a bit of confusion for walkers with a sign saying SW or LW¬† ….. so some took the LW and others (knowing by intuition where the drink stop was going to be … !) took the SW. Funnily enough, the pack converged at the Leapfrog/Passiona’s place for the welcome cooling beverages.
Back in the circle, we had lots of laughs with the charges given to the Hare, Franger. visitor D-Cell, Skimpy & anyone else that made eye contact with stand-in RA Passiona !
We ended the circle with our Hash song …. not very well … but we will work on it !
Till next week ….. AT 5 PM – at 5 PM – at 5 PM
See you then
Pink Bits x
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