The Really Flat Run in HILL St Goosebury HILL

Well, there we have it … it was to be a FLAT run (not) and as DOSH and Wacuda were setting it, it must have to be a challenging one !
It was – but mostly for the runners … they disappeared and were not seen again for some time ! Walkers were warned by DOSH that there was a nasty bit of down and then a nasty bit up – BUT after that …. THE DRINK STOP ! (one for walkers and a separate one for runners) followed by a flat return … It was all that … and some …
We had a fairly significant uphill moment (sort of steps ?? tree roots ???) but once at the drink stop and enjoying the bubbly it was all forgotten (bit like having a baby ! … well not exactly …..) The trail was full of lovely spring flowers so we really enjoyed our walk. Not sure about the runners though, as will be explained later, as there was a lot of blood. A LOT OF BLOOD !!!
We all returned to the start and the circle began in earnest with the Hare’s getting the first down-downs. The RA was not too fussed this week so charges were mostly from the pack – the usual suspects but spectacularly – Scooby Doo got the lame duck award for copious amounts of blood (blood rule was applied ie. bandages and TLC from DOSH) Scooby was trying hard to stretch the leg so it wouldn’t seize up, but think it did !
Also, we had a visitor from Portugal, who was only here for a short time but was going to check out Hash Harriers in Porto, his home town.
All in all,we then had a few nibblies and finished off our refreshments. Then we set off back into the early evening … 5 pm start was a success with everyone turning up on time … even Skimpy and Co.
Pink Bits xxx
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