Sand Saga ….. or ….. The Tale of Little Big Foot !

The Hare felt it was important  to recognise the 11th of the 11th so we were directed off into the distance with warnings of sand, trenches and (maybe) danger. (Hashing is dangerous !)
So, like Frank Herbert’s DUNE Trilogy,, we were like giant sand worms, rolling about trying not to feel the pain, going in and out and up and down ! Running on sand was, so I am told by the brave runners, very hard going on the calves etc. but as a drink stop was arranged in the trenches, we were all spurned on to keep going.
Walkers soon discovered that we had a perfectly good road parallel to the sand torture trail but did we decide to veer off … no way ….. Hashers through and through ! Anyway, the rest of the troops arrived at the drink stop, red faced and complaining about the sand (again) so refreshed, we all set off back to the start.
Circle was called quickly as for once no-one was lost ! The Hare got a down-down but with accolades of a great run ! Not sadly for his positioning of the foot to indicate where the run was … actually, in the mode of war, he did good as he confused the enemy (& Skippy)
Despite the sand, this was one of those bush areas full of wildflowers enjoyed by all. Can’t remember any blood loss so no lame duck and not a huge number of charges all round.However there was a little moment, forever etched in our memories when El Keeno (who should have known better) questioned why our orange foot had 2 feet on it – one big, one little ??? He was informed in no uncertain terms by Passiona (the wise …) that it had Hash historic relevance and had been made many years ago ! Shame on you El K !
We then retreated (figuratively speaking as we had defeated the enemy) into the sunset getting ready for next weeks run – (Its HASH NOSH – bring eating irons)
Pink Bits x
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