STOP PRESS ….. P M Racks Up 300 Runs ! (Get A Life)

The Hare, P M set this run which coincided with his 300th run. Hashers gathered in the depths of J F Nat. Park which was difficult to find for a few ! However, once we had all signed on and calmed down as Splash had arrived, the Hare gave some instructions and set us on our way.  It was somewhat of a false start as the gravel up-slope was a challenge for a number of the pack. (noticeably Pink Bits who just gave up and stuck to the perfectly good road)
Anyway, the runners took off followed by walkers who then veered off on their own trail. Always a joy traversing through the National Park, we all had encounters with roos, joeys and numerous wildflowers. We had been warned that there may be a payment required to enter the park but that was not for people on foot. The drink stop was by the picturesque lake and enjoyed by everyone (who made it there)
Some walkers were back sooner than others, followed by the huffing and puffing runners. In fact, Franga was so overcome by the run that he sped past us and carried on to do it again ! NO …    wait ……. he just needed to use his phone and as the signal was not great where we were he sought higher ground !
In the circle the RA gave a down down to the Hare for his mammoth run and a few other charges. Of note was the helpful effort of Pink Bits that went horribly wrong … she picked up the foot (to give to next week’s Hare) thereby completely stuffing up the directions for Hash Nosh (Light my Fire) Sheep Shunter stated that she is a little navigationaly challenged so he had to go and look for her. SORRY ….. ?
At the conclusion of the circle we did a fine rendition of the club song … we are improving … then enjoyed a great meal provided by Hash Nosh.
Pink Bits x
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