The S.W.A.T. Team !

Warm it was … flies in abundance … however, the Hills Hash were prepared (by Made Muffin actually with a fly-swat and fluids !)
In true Hills fashion, there were no hills or water or flies ! Just a really great walk (set by MM) – run (set by Skippy) In fact, it was so good that it ACTUALLY FAZED FRANGA !
Walkers were encouraged on a trail of *W’s* that were so clear and concise that anyone could follow … runners were challenged with a trail of flour dots that were also clear and concise unless you missed some ! Needless to say, we all managed to get to the drink stop …. ALL !
Then a short hop, skip and a few kilometres had us back On – Home …
when I say short … I mean it was a L O N G run and walk …. one of those marathon things that you reminisce on in future moments of clarity !
Needless to say (but I will) we had quite a few Down-downs and charges (I think even GPS was charged and he wasn’t even present.)
*NOTE* – No Lame-duck awards this week ! Good job eh … Scooby ?
Some snacks and chit-chat later a few of us went to the Parky Pub (or a small foodie/bar place nearby ???) In the Parky we met up with no one special … only Two-Stroke ! Much more chat and a few refreshing beverages too !
On – On
Pink Bits
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