A Bit of An Arduous Run ……!

The Hares felt it was time to visit the new car park at Glen Forrest Train Park so there we were gathered in a very pleasant spot under shady trees. Little did the pack know that the run would include the WORST hills in GF. Yes, there are a coupe of doozy’s.
We set of across the Community Garden to the amusement of a group of the gardeners having a little celebration. Then the run and walk continued to the first of the *hills* –  huffing and puffing we carried on. After that the groans and complaints could be heard from a fair distance as the really, really steep hill beckoned. . However, the  drink stop (in a shady front garden copse) was really welcomed … there was even chocolate  ! ! !
Then a longish on-home had everyone back for charges and down-downs.
We finished off the night with a BBQ  🙂
On On
Pink Bits xxx
REMINDER .. Next week it is the Annual Christmas Celebration
* 4PM start * Bring some finger food – chairs – tables – and maybe a raincoat for the movie later  (just sayin’)
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