Mixed-Up Confusion

We assembled at P M’s house in the flats of Darlington. We knew it would be a flat run this week and flatly refused to believe there would be hills !
The Hare, with usual brevity, pointed to the on-on and runners took off fast as a drink stop was promised. Walkers soon found themselves off-trail …except for Skimpy who may have been on ??? At this point the runners were seen milling around madly, also looking for trail (which, we were warned,  was sparse …. hmmm …. saving all the flour for Christmas cakes and goodies ?)
The cavalry turned up (Hare …in car … P M ) to point us in the right direction and so we eventually arrived at the drink stop to enjoy bubbles and orange juice. Walkers were first for a change but as they left, the sound of the horn was close by as the runners arrived for a short rest. (we left them a bit of liquid refreshment !)
Back at the start, there was muttering of too long, too short, too hot, but mostly too many hills and not enough trail. Needless to say, the Hare got a few down-downs and other charges were doled out by the RA who had help from the pack. Being a hot day, the drinks esky was nearly cleaned out and we welcomed a light cooling breeze. Long time no-see Pullet and new puppy companion Django were welcomed back for Pullet’s annual attendance !
A few of us went for a Christmas curry afterwards ……
Pink Bits x
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