Sheep Shunter Shepherded Us Successfully !

Meeting on the banks of the river on the posh polo ground in Guildford, we were quite a large pack for a holiday weekend ….. As the New Year approaches but still full from Christmas over-eating, the pack was keen to get off and lose a few kilos. The Hare’s instructions were quick and concise, with a drink stop  ….runners and walkers took off in slightly opposite directions.
The trail was (apparently) marked with chalk, flour & loo roll ???
The walk was a delight to traverse vast expanses of grassland on the edge of the river with NO HILLS (for a change), following great trail marking. The horn could be heard every now and then, so we knew the runners were not too far away. The Hare was always around, gathering up any stragglers … woof !
Arriving at the drink stop, we were welcomed with some celebratory bubbly and then on-on back to the polo ground past some of the best houses in Guildford.  (Wonder if its worth seeing if any for sale ?)
Once everyone arrived back, we formed a large circle & welcomed some virgins, long-time no-see’s and visitors. The Hare was charged for lack of loo paper (or at least only visible on hands and knees (not going there … what was he thinking ?)The RA was absent so we had GPS as the very capable stand in (although he was a bit disappointed that Franga was not present so he could charge him …… however the pack said … NO … DO IT … so…  2 very obliging Hashers with similar chrome domes took the down-down on his behalf) Otherwise not too many charges, more accolades – the ones who had attended the Combined Hash in Crawley AND sang the club song, again lead in the singing !  We are getting the hang of it !
See you next year
On-On to 2019
Pink Bits x
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