The Curious Case of PM’s FLAT ANT Run !

It is not often that PM sets a flat run so that was a change but in keeping with past history, we had ANTS ….. lots of them¬† !
We assembled in Guildford, near the Lilac Hill cricket ground where it was clear we needed to move on quickly …ants….
The Hare pointed off into the distance and sent the runners off, followed by the walkers who strolled past the river, took photos of ducks and other aquatic birds, and generally circumnavigated a giant paddock whilst avoiding ants !
We eventually stumbled on the drink stop (with not too many ants) and refreshed a bit. The runners were no-where to be seen, just occasionally heard, so we left some splash for them to enjoy.
Nearly back at the start, a few of us did not take note of the BIG W that encouraged us to continue for another 50 mtrs or so and cross back into the car park in a dignified way …… Oh no … a select few chose (with a level of difficulty !) to climb over the large gate. A stunned PM said that was silly had we followed trail (FAIL) we would have been fine.
In the circle, there was some mention of the competition (wipe my mouth out with soap !) between Sheep Shunter’s run and PM’s but the runners could not really decide …other than both were LONG – there were mutterings of 10km’s or thereabouts ….. I think the gauntlet has been laid down !
Charges by the RA were dished out along with charges from the circle, but it had been a great run and evening so nothing could spoil it !
Till next week and the SPECIAL reverse Run 1600, Drippers 666, Passionas’s big number (?) and a few Birthdays event !
Pink Bits x
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