The Very Important Run – Pack On Heat …

In view of criticism, I will refrain from mentioning anything about the ACTUAL  Run number of this “special” run … which was special … Fortunately, Dripper had his 666 moment and Passiona had his 1500 (show off – get a life) run.
The Hare (bless them – xxx) informed us that the walkers trail was reasonably short as it was 40+ degrees and they felt a short walk was the reasonable thing to do ……. HOWEVER, no such promise was provided to the runners … No …..No …. (see later)
I must say the walk was beautifully marked and you could not possibly get lost at all … but the clever Hares had made it quite circuitous with many twirls and roundabouts just to get to the drink stop – The drink stop was very, very welcome as the heat had got to most of us – we were almost delirious ….
It was just a short return for the walkers back to the start … but a bit of a wait before the runners materialised from the trail …Yes, they had a good 6.5 km’s to run and came back for the first time EVER craving WATER …H2O .. before any other beverage ! Even they were shocked (told you …delirious …)
Charges were thrown about in the circle for all sorts of reasons including a few lame ducks and short cutters. All special awardee’s were presented with various memento’s and awards. Mainly it was too hot to bother to keep up the charges so we ended with a ripper version of the song (no … I lie) and then we descended on to the Hare’s property to party and celebrate the special occasion – BBQ & lovely salads at the ready – we ate and drank in true Hash style.
Pink Bits xxx   ?
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