BEST {left} ….. Run Report 1

Stunning, amazing, spectacular, outstanding, award-winning & classy are NOT words to describe this run ….. However, memorable is a good word… ! What was the Hare thinking ? That a rogaining/orienteering run was appropriate for Hashers ??? Don’t think so … neither did most of the pack …
However, we still enjoyed a splendid walk/run (albeit under difficult circumstances) As one Hasher put it ….”The sparse amount of flour must have been due to someone baking a cake instead …! (Can I also add …too many cooks ….?)
Runners found that they all returned to the start from different directions as the trail was intermittently marked & confusing … Walkers just made it up and came back anyway … On a positive note … there was a drink stop ….
The stand-in, stand-in GM, Passiona (him of many years experience as a Hasher)  lost complete control in the circle which was funny to see … and the stand-in RA … GPS (now there is a good story to tell … keep reading !) tried to find some unwary Hashers to charge but had to resort to charges from the circle, and as they were far and few, just gave up ! There was a birthday celebration ( so a cake HAD been baked …) then another reasonable rendition of the club song rounded off the run.
Run Report Part 2 …..
After nearly everyone left, GPS (bless him … he was sooooo disappointed …) realised he had MISLAID his car keys ! I use the word “mislaid” loosely as he admitted to having put them under a rock …. are you cracking up now … we were ! (cracking … get it … rock ! Oh ! Dear )
We spent quite some time searching for the said keys (and relevant rock …) and,  after the SAS, SES, Mounted Police, RAC Helicopter and other Search and Rescue Teams had been summoned, (read – Free Beer ) the keys were found in a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT location to where he thought they would be ……
THIS WILL BE A SIGNIFICANT CHARGE NEXT WEEK …. Almost a highlight of the year …
This cannot be discounted or forgotten !
Still laughing …
Pink Bits xxx
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