Sweet Treats = Hashers Bouncing Off the Ceilings !

A luscious bunch of Hashers descended on the Hare’s property armed with some amazing goodies ! There was quite a large group considering it has been hot, but the evening was perfect.
The SOLO Hare, Leapfrog, directed everyone to the On-On and so we set off, with the promise of a drink stop …
The trail was great, very well marked and runners and walkers were soon a fair distance from each other. We had plenty of shade on the run and suddenly came upon the designated drink stop. Welcoming us was the slack b*****d (Passiona) who had some minor injury/ailment/fever/delirium/runny nose …..
Anyway, after a couple of sips of sweet bubbly and juice, (& one measly beer) we were ready to keep going, back to the *overdose* of sweetness !
The circle was quite short as we were eyeing off the massed array of cakes, chocolates, flans, rocky road and even fruit covered Blue Cheese (Yum …) I cant remember if the charges really measured up as the RA had been on grandson-sitting duties so had to rely on here-say and gossip !?
We demolished the sweet treats in a nanosecond but it seemed to have been a popular *Just Desserts* run … again ….. (no-one was sick )
P B x
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