Franger’s Fabulous Fancy *Feet* … !

The Hare was quite stressed before  the run as he was trying to work out how to satisfy runners and walkers with a drink stop. Alas, as he is but one man (yes – really …) and there were 2 distinct trails, it was a big ask.
Nevertheless, after his chalk talk (man of few words) he was seen carrying a jolly heavy (he ‘aint heavy, he’s my drink stop !) back-pack to cater to all. I actually feel he was just wanting to carry a heavy pack for training purposes.
So we all set off in the same direction, but with a bit of directing, the Hare managed to give the walkers an official short-cut whilst the runners did their first 3 Km loop !
This set the scene for the run and as the runners ran off into the distance, the walkers promenaded around and over a lovely creek with a few crossing challenges, but oh ! … so shady and pleasant. Did I say L O N G … ? …well it was longish.
Eventually, walkers regrouped at the start (with splash keys, I might add) Good job we could get refreshments as it was a L  O  N  G  E  R wait for runners. Quite a while after we had returned, the first of the runners came in to view .. Is that you PM ? Not normally a front running B … but he had given up … Then slowly the rest of the pack came back, a little puffed but nevertheless, satisfied by the gallant Hare ! It had been a good 8 Km run and rated as great by most !
Once again the drink -stop controversy came up with Franger saying he waited for the walkers but had to go on to catch up with runners (some favouritism suspected – he was charged) Then, he was charged again for having set the run with a view to the following day and his *Masters of the Universe – West Coast Hash* The cheek of it – well deserved charge we thought. A few other charges were awarded then the circle concluded, the song was sung & the splash flowed on a very pleasant evening.
We ended the night with a great Hash Nosh prepared by our super Light-My-Fire,with plenty of take-home meals as well.
On On
Pink Bits xxx
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