G-gggggg U-uuuuu N-nnnnnn J-jjjjjjj I- iiiiiiiii N-nnnnnn Run !

The fun started on this week’s run by just arriving ! The corrugations were quite pronounced on the 1 km drive up to the parking area. We were surrounded by mountain bikers who watched in wonder as to what sort of riders we were … AIR MOUNTAIN RIDERS i say !
We were sent on our way by the Hare Skippy, with only a few directions but the promise of a well marked run/ walk.& a drink stop !
This all proved true, and to top it all the majority of the walk was on a really shady track admittedly going downhill for a long way. As usual, where there is a down there must be an up ! … and so after a steep climb, we arrived at the drink stop. Good job we had a break as there was more up to go which got fairly arduous towards the end – Runners even stopped running (except Franger who never gives up on up)
Thankfully, it was not too hot a day and we were not too puffed out ! We emerged back at the start for more refreshment
The RA was away communing with other RA’s discussing tactics for malevolent charges, so she had appointed Scooby Doo as a stand-in !
He did a good job too, holding his own and asserting his power when needed. He would have liked ice …. but we didn’t let him use it ! (collective power) After the usual down-downs had been consumed, we sang our hearts out with the club song and departed for another go at the corrugations ! Some of us had a close shave by a mob of roo’s bounding across our bonnets, off into the bush !
Pink Bits x

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