The enthusiastic pack gathered at the picturesque Coal Dam in Woodbridge …. White Pointer, the Hare, set us off with vague instructions ….
Trail was actually well marked, for walkers at least, however, there were a couple of complete botch-ups at some intersections ! We got to see some really lovely homes in this area … surprising ! The Hare actually was shepherding us around, which helped keep us on trail. Not sure about the runners … just know it was about 8 km’s !
As the drink stop was in White Pointers bag, (or so we thought !) we weren’t sure just exactly it would be … but, no fear, it was a Trillion miles away ! Of course, he hoped the runners and walkers would converge at the same time – as we did… HOWEVER, the pack did not expect such warm welcoming beverages …..
In the circle, of course, there was a charge for an all together far too warm welcome … it was a hot day after all ! Despite that we forgave the Hare for awkward hills (yes in Woodbridge) – mud (where a raging torrent will be in winter) and slight confusion.
It was a good run and after, some of us went to a local establishment for a very good meal !
On- On
Pink Bits x

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