What Could Possibly Go Wrong ?

The Hare, GPS, was a little disappointed this week as there were only 3 runners in the pack. After all, he had gone all out to set a substantial run (mainly to get at Franger !)
Still, putting on a brave face (with bottom lip quivering …) he expanded the virtues of the run – omitting to mention the worst hills in the area were at the beginning !
It was up and up with even more ups ! The walkers, spearheaded by Baldrick,(FRB) were charging ahead when GPS asked if they were on trail …he was just checking … but the reply was “are we on trail ?” Funny that … There were many instances of walkers talking too much and not paying attention. (or blindly following Baldrick who was gleefully – on purpose veering all over the show)
Once the walkers were on a more even (read “flat”) track, it was plain sailing back to the start.
There was no sign of the runners for quite some time and this was somewhat perturbing for GPS – after all his efforts could they be lost …..? Things were taking a significant turn for the worst …. GPS was worried now – things were going wrong – … you could tell … he was having splash and grimacing – He moaned that it would be his job to go and search for the missing runners.
Then, suddenly, ….. they swooped in together, like a bunch of galah’s … a bit hot and bothered but beaming …It was voted a good run ! (You missed it Franger !)
As the RA was still missing, (deep in conference with “important” persons) the stand-in took charge – well not really – but dished out all sorts of silly down-downs ! Skippy awarded himself his 900th run badge (get a life) and a couple of little (25 & 50) feet were presented. Can’t recall much else but its getting darker now so will be an earlier start soon !
WEAR GREEN next week for St Patrick’s Day – BYO meat for BBQ – salads provided.
P B 🙂

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