To Be Sure … To Be Sure ! … OR …. The IRISH Run !

A hearty bunch of Hashers assembled in the park in Mt Helena attired (mostly) in green to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. (or any excuse to dress up)
The Hare’s, Pink Bits and Dripper, set the runners and walkers off in opposite directions with the promise of a drink stop. It was going to be good !
Walkers were treated to a leisurely stroll around the more bushy trails finally arriving at the drink stop ….. AT THE SAME TIME AS THE RUNNERS ….
Yet another stunningly well choreographed run by the Hares ! Everyone enjoyed the Irish tipple and headed back for the circle.
As the RA was back from her “secret RA’s business” – she was keen to dole out some charges on a few, and inflict Birthday honours on White Pointer.
After that it was on-on with the BBQ and some black stuff to drink !
Another great Irish event by Hills Hash !
On- On
Pink Bits xxx
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