The Guildford 3.0 RUN

Seems some Hashers (no names …!) were still looking for the green attire for this run ! Made us late – Great start …
So, the Hare, Sheep Shunter, had devised a run that reminded him of of his native country … NZ … famous for “slippages” You had to know this …
Apparently there was a dodgy bit of trail near the river that could, at any time, slip away with the Hashers on it ! (didn’t)
Some-one spent far too much time having fun in playgrounds and eating ice-cream …who was that ? No, not one of the kids …!!
The drink stop was magnificent …. Margaritas, dancing girls, swaying maidens with coconuts and flowing palm trees ! Dripper … eat your heart out !
NO … WAIT … it was just the delirium from the run …..
Everyone got back to the start and congratulated no-one on a great run !
The circle went on for a mammoth 2 hours with the GM ranting on about sexy cactus plants and playing a gig at the ARENA with Elton John (I ask you …as if …)
The RA was more subdued, dishing out some average charges for nothing in particular BUT … Taa Daa … Little Weed managed to get her 300 badge (get a life & a car !?) Also, Franga was given a round of applause for being such an athlete (GPS kicked him in the shins so that stopped him for a while !) It was complete mayhem … if you missed it … do join us …we have a good time !
Pink Bits xxx

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