The Bramble-iscious Run ! – or – What Time Does The 4pm Run Start ?

It was a small pack that gathered at the leafy car park. SNB and his off-sider Crusher, had set about giving arm waving instructions with runners and walkers on the same trail for a while, then splitting away. A drink stop was on the menu, so off we went. Most of the walkers found trail but some got a bit mixed up following false trails numerous times. This resulted in wild meanderings (with Leapfrog & no sense of direction !) and a late arrival at the drink stop …. but what an achievement to arrive virtually with the runners.
It seems that there was a special section of run designed deviously by the Hares just for Franga !The title says it all …..!
In the circle, Hash Splash was seriously charged straight off …what a stuff up … he was arriving for 5pm !
The RA has been in Melbourne doing some special communing with druids and other weirdo’s so her poor spouse got to hold court this week (again – he was not prepared ??? What is the RA teaching her lot ???)
We had nothing much else happening and the circle closed with a fine rendition of the club song !
On- On
Pink Bits x

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