North, South, East, West – Which Way Is The Best ?

The pack assembled at the lovely playground in the new Bushmead development, complete with balloons left by a group of party animals.The Hare, Free Beer, was missing as she had to re-set the trail due to some precipitation that had washed the flour away ! She had set it the day before but the heavens opened up and rained on her parade !
Nevertheless, she left good instructions with Skimpy (and Pink Bits) to send everyone off in a North-Easterly direction. WELL, ….. GPS (living up to his name) was hopelessly going the wrong way as was the rest of the pack ….blindly going in an … err … um …. other direction ??? Hands up – who can tell the points of a compass ….. Not our lot it seems ….. ! It did rain on the run but not too much and it was very pleasant meandering on level, wide paths recently constructed by the developers. Looks like its a place well worth revisiting.
Still, everyone ran or walked in the opposite direction to what had been planned but somehow managed to get back to the start.
Of course, in the circle, now that the RA was back, the there were many fines but particularly for Hashers going through DISPLAY HOMES ???? even though the trail did not point them in that direction ….
After we had sung the Hash song with gusto, we settled down to a tasty Hash Nosh feed. Thanks “Light My Fire”
Pink Bits x

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