Short On Trail ……

A good pack gathered at the venue, somewhat swamped by the trail bike riders also gathered at the same spot ! This was the Easter weekend so to be expected !
The Hare set the pack off and soon had runners scratching heads due to minimal trail (scarcity of flour at the shops or Easter baking requirements ?)
Walkers enjoyed a shady bush saunter …
All returned safely ….
Charges in circle were minimal and the RA is off yet again to discuss matters with druids around the world … A stand-in has been chosen …
The BIG event was the birthday of the GM …. always a cake event and this was a stunning Rocky Road creation ! (Thanks Mum !)
GM got his new car covered in tape words (as opposed to tape worms …) embarrassing – (thanks Mum ???)
On – On
Pink Bits x

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