Vying For Run Of The Year Eh ? ….. or No Chocolate Was Harmed On This Run

Well, well, well, – Was this a blatant attempt to get run of the year or what ?
The Hare chose a venue that was suitable for most (not all of course …) but somehow it didn’t matter … Up or down – it was all the same as the runners and walkers just loved it !
Not a tough run …. but not easy … not a difficult walk but not a walkover … Oh ! it just gets better and better !
Well, it did get better as the drink stop (at the end) was the icing on the cake ….. or is that the egg ? Come on …. so much effort went into creating gorgeous delicacies that cannot be described – YOU HAD TO BE THERE !
Well done Hare …
The charges seem quite trivial after all that but were dished out anyway …..
On – On
Pink Bits xxx

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