Not More Bloody Hills !

Well it seemed that the pack got a bit fed up of hills ! We gathered in the fertile valley of Helena Valley, in the new oval car park …
The Hares pointed walkers and runners is opposite directions with a cryptic message of drink stops/toilets/and secret locations !
The walk was quite civilized but …. yes ! … obviously …. the Hare deviously managed to include each and every hill in the area.
Runners were way over the hills and dales, as their run disappeared miles away but somehow, miraculously, the whole pack arrived together at the drink stop only to be confronted by one of the steepest driveways in the suburb.
Still, the view was worth the effort and the Pina Colada’s and other delicacies went down very well ! ! !
Back in the notorious car park, the circle agreed that this had been a great run and the Monk had very little to charge anyone. He opened up the charges to the pack but they were too tired after the run so that fizzled out too !
On – On (smiling a lot !)
Pink Bits xxx

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