What A Day For A Daydream ?!

It was a good group of keen Hashers that came out on a sunny Sunday to enjoy the camaraderie and company of courageous folk !
The Hare, Downhill, gave some minimal instructions and the plethora of runners (just 3 I believe) took off at the rate of knots as the walkers, some super fast, some average & some slower, meandered off into the beautiful bushland.
It was a beaut run, with leafy glades and bushy bush. Not too many hills but, obviously, some of the trail was gently going up – and up – and – up, which was acceptable ! (Just) You truly could enjoy the bush !
Now at the drink stop, there was a bit of interest, as is usual, but it seemed that the runners had been and gone before the slower walkers arrived ! Still, we all enjoyed some refreshment before going the short – ish way back !
In the circle, we welcomed another *virgin* (they come out of the woodwork !) and an errant mother, who came very late and tried to sneak them both into the circle – as if ! – What are you teaching your offspring ?
There were presentations for numerous runs (*Get a life* song was sung, of course !) but not many charges – HOWEVER, of super significant note was our *** Cyborg Man*** None other than P M complete with leg iron ! Please get that knee well soon as we need our On Sec back !
The Hare had done a great job so the run was rated very well ! We all went home happy !
On – On
Pink Bits xxx

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