Hash Down On The Flats ???

Well, yes, once in a while we do venture far and wide … We have to get an RAC weather report and take a packed lunch !
Still, this was a beautiful day and we gathered at the lovely McDougal Park. Scooby Doo was the Hare and he gave a few scant directions stating that runners and walkers were on the same trail for a while, then walkers would find a short cut to get to a (possible) joint drink stop !
So, although well marked, there were a few glitches on the trail … W’s becoming M’s – runners being miss-led on the long FT’s – distance running !
Seeing as it had been the “Run for a Reason” day, (with many of our athletic Hashers partaking in the marathon 🙂 we still had a good turn out
Back at the circle, there were just a few sparse charges and … SIGNIFICANTLY … a NAMING !
The person previously known as ‘Hubert” is now …. On Hold … Congratulations ! – Life’s like that  ??? !
Afterwards, we descended on a super little Indian restaurant that we have missed in the Hills area very much ….. Great curries and good company !
Curry On – On
Pink Bits  🙂
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